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New Moroccan Boucherouite Rug-Noah-5'x8'4"

This year I went to a show, where most people had never seen Moroccan rugs, and I put some of these new boucherouite on display. People literally stopped in their tracks, touching the rugs, and marveling about how stunning they were. I couldn't agree more! These are woven by a collective of women, who incorporate in high-quality cotton in vibrant colors to create these magical designs. These rugs are really heavy, so they are great in high-traffic areas where you need a rug to stay put!

  • Size: 5'x8'4"/60"x100"/152x254 cm
  • Material: Wool and Cotton
  • Colors:Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Black, Pink
  • Age/Condition: Newly woven, 2017. Perfect condition

The boucherouite rug is a modern intervention in the long history of the Moroccan Berber rug, where whimsy meets the humble "rag rug." These rugs are made from recycled fibers, and can include cotton, wool, or synthetics. Designs are most often asymmetrical, with a color explosion that befits the wall of a modern home, rather than the dusty landscape of their origin. They are truly a work of art, each unique to the weaver and the region, and there are no two rugs alike.