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New Moroccan Azilal Rug-Altai-3'8"x5'2"

This petit Azilal is one of an original collection of twelve, each more sweet than the next. They were custom woven by a collective of women, and incorporate bright and playful colors and motifs. They collectively elicit "oooos and aaaas" when I bring them out in my shop, so prepare to fall in love!

  • Size: 3'8"x5'2"/44"x62"/112x157cm
  • Material: Wool
  • Colors:White, Pink, Green, Blue
  • Age/Condition: New, woven in 2018. Perfect, newly woven

This rug is woven by traditional tribes from the Azilal region of Morocco, which is in the High Atlas mountains. These rugs were historically made for use within the home, giving the women the liberty to be creative and adaptive, and to use their weaving as an expression of self. Designs can often look like a piece of abstract art that you would find within museum walls, and each is 100% unique and the only one like this in the world.