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Vintage Moroccan Talsint Rug-Mariposite-2'8x6'9"

 The Talsint rugs are wonderfully neutral and often whimsical. They will have a color or design that surprises you amongst their subtlety, which makes them a charming find. They are most often woven in a small runner size, perfect for the bathroom, kitchen, or petit hallway.

  • Size: 2'8x6'9"/32"x81"/81x206cm
  • Material: Wool 
  • Colors: White and Brown
  • Age/Condition: This is a vintage rug in good condition. It was made 30-40 years ago, handwoven by loom. It's been cleaned and repaired, but please expect one-of-a-kind imperfections that will add to it's charm. 

Talsint rugs come from the Figuig province, where the Ait Bou Ichaouen tribe lives. They are named after the town of Talsint, which is a rural town in Northeastern Morocco close to the Algerian border. Much like the Azilal rug, the talsint rugs didn’t make an appearance until 25 years ago, and little is known about its origins. The rugs have a single knot and can range from a flatter weave to a plush pile. They are either neutral or brightly colored, and tribal designs are common.