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Jazz Cup

  • Size: 23"x30"/58cmx76cm
  • Material: Cotton
  • Colors: White, stone, blue, mustard, black, teal, coral
Existing somewhere between a bath mat and a magic carpet, these rug designs are based on crops of unfinished paintings and forgotten sketches. By focusing on details within larger compositions, the rugs invite you to pay attention to small moments; to notice how your bare feet feel on the soft surface as you step out of the shower or the sweetness of a ripe peach that you eat over your kitchen sink on a hot summer day. 

Each rug is hand-dyed and handwoven in India by a small group of weavers, designed in Detroit, and now gets to live with you. Please expect imperfections that make the rug perfectly imperfect, such as variations in dye colors and knot lengths. 

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