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June 24, 2020 3 min read

What Color Rug Should You Choose? 5 Simple Tips

Adding a rug to a room can really pull the space together and polish off the design. How do you know which color rug you should choose, though? Here are five simple tips for deciding what color rug to use in your space.

Design your space around the rug.The easiest way to make sure a rug’s color fits nicely with your space is to design the decor around the rug! If you start out a room’s design with the rug, you can go with any color you like and work from there. You won’t have to worry as much about if the color of the rug works because it’ll be what you base the rest of your design on.

Consider the function of the space.If you have kids or pets that spend a lot of time in your living room, a white rug might not be the best option for that space. It’ll be hard to keep the rug clean, and you’ll end up feeling more frustrated than anything trying to keep it looking fresh and crisp. By the same token, choosing a darker rug for an entryway area is a smart way to hide any dirt that’s tracked in from outside. If you’re set on the idea of having a white or very light-colored rug, it will be better suited for a room with less foot traffic.
Rely on the color wheel.The simplest way to choose a rug color that fits with your space is matching it to your existing color scheme. Pull out the trusty color wheel to find which colors will work best with your design!

Complementary colors (ones that are opposite on the color wheel) will give you a high-contrast, visually exciting look. Example: Place an orange-toned rug in a room that has blue accents.
Sticking with analogous colors (ones that are next to each other on the wheel) will provide some contrast but still allow you to maintain a pulled-together look. Example: Choose a green rug to place in a room with blue accents.
If you want a low-contrast, highly cohesive look, go with a monochromatic scheme of the same color in different tones. Example: Pick out a baby blue rug for a room that has darker blue accents.
Work with neutrals.The best thing about a neutral-colored rug is that it’s, well... neutral! That means it’ll pretty much work with any space. When choosing a neutral rug, take into account the tones of your walls and flooring to find a shade that will complement the space. If you have dark flooring, you might want to choose a darker-toned neutral rug to keep the focus on the accent colors in your space. If you really want your rug to be the star of the show, make sure it contrasts with the color of your flooring.

Be open to layering.Don’t worry— if you still can’t seem to settle on just one color for your rug design, you don’t have to! You can layer rugs of different colors and sizes to fit with your design aesthetic and pull the space together. Try layering a small accent rug over a larger neutral one to make any space seem more eclectic and visually interesting.

 xoxo Annie

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