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September 07, 2020 3 min read

Throw Pillow 101

One of the easiest ways to tie a room together is by adding a few throw pillows into the mix. They’re affordable and easy to swap out with the seasons. How do you know which ones to choose and where to place them, though? Here’s a quick guide to decorating your space with throw pillows.

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Size and Shape

You need to have a general idea of how much available space you have on your couch, chair, or bed before you decide on what size throw pillows you want. If you choose pillows that are too large, they could make the space feel crowded and uncomfortable. If your pillows are too small, they might look awkward or misplaced.


Choosing a few varying sizes and shapes of pillows is a great way to add some depth and interest to your space. Combining a square pillow or two with a more rectangular lumbar pillow is an easy way to achieve this.

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Remember: The inserts for your throw pillows should always be a little larger than the pillow covers. Slightly oversized inserts will make your pillows look full and comfy.

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Adding in a few throw pillows is a great way to introduce a pop of color to your space. If your couch, chair, or bedding is a neutral color, you have a lot of room to play with when choosing the color of your throw pillows.


Even if the space you want to place your throw pillows on is already bold or colorful, you can still choose throw pillows in complementary colors. For example, a bright orange throw pillow will pop on a blue surface.


As always, use your trusty color wheel to help you determine which colors will work in your space.


Pattern and Texture

Just like with color, throw pillows with exciting textures and patterns will make any room more visually appealing. If you want to add a fun boho touch to your decor, try picking out a few Turkish kilim pillows with fun patterns.

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Throw pillow covers woven from materials like wool or cotton are great choices for most spaces. These materials are durable and easy to spot clean.



As a general rule, most standard sofas will look great with three or four intentionally placed throw pillows. There are a few different pillow placement combos you can go with for your couch. For example, you could place one throw pillow in each corner of the sofa and stick one in the middle. You could also place two pillows at either corner and leave the middle open for seating.


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Layering a small pillow in front of a larger one is a great way to make your decor look intentional and put together. If you’re placing throw pillows on a bed, a good practice is to place a smaller square throw pillow in front of two rectangular ones.

When it comes to an armchair or recliner, adding just one throw pillow is usually enough.

 Adding in a well-chosen throw pillow or two is an easy way to level up the look of your space. If you follow these general guidelines when choosing and placing your throw pillows, your home design is sure to impress.