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September 17, 2019 1 min read

Moroccan Boucherouite Rugs

A discussion about Boucherouite rugs typically begins with some instruction on how to say the word: Boo-sha-wett! There, you sound like an expert now!

The Boucherouite rug was born in the 1980s in urban centers, spreading about ten years later to more rural regions. These rugs have handspun wool, but incorporated synthetic materials, upcycled clothing, and other fabric remnants into these rugs. I’ve also read that women used to deconstruct their old clothes, and that of their children, though I cannot find this substantiated in reputable sources on rugs.

The boucherouite rug is not considered as formal of a rug as it’s sister Azilal, nor it’s more distant cousins the Boujador Beni M’guild. As such, the weaver likely felt more freedom, more creative expansiveness to make a piece that incorporated all of her whimsy. Designs are most often asymmetrical, with a color explosion that befits the wall of a modern home, rather than the dusty landscape of their origin. Below are some examples of the amazing boucherouite rugs. Feast your eyes!



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