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June 17, 2020 3 min read

How to Create a Moroccan-Style Living Room

Decorating your living room with Moroccan elements is one of the best ways to make your home feel eclectic and exotic. It’s important to settle on the right pieces and color scheme for the space, though! If you’re looking for some inspiration, just do a quick image search for Moroccan marketplaces or traditional Moroccan designs for ideas. You can’t go wrong if you base your design off of authentic Moroccan spaces! Here are five great tips for designing a Moroccan-style living room.

Incorporate Moroccan rugs: The easiest way to bring a Moroccan vibe to any room is by adding a Moroccan rug. There’s an endless variety of patterns, color combinations, and textures to choose from when you’re shopping for a Moroccan rug. You’ll definitely be able to find one that matches your vision! The perfect Moroccan rug will tie your design together and make your living room feel complete. Check out thisTalsint below!

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Choose a bold color scheme.Bold, rich colors are arguably some of the most distinguishable features of Moroccan decor. If you’re trying to design a Moroccan-style living room, go with a color palette that includes vibrant tones. If you want to offset or tone down the bold look a little, combine rich colors with natural accents to create a cohesive look for your space. Moroccan Boucherouite Rugs are some of my favorite for their bold beauty.


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Hang lanterns and string lights.Adding lantern-style lights will make your space feel more like a traditional Moroccan bazaar than just a living room. Warm lighting pieces crafted from antique metal and glass are perfect for creating a Moroccan aesthetic and ambiance. Try picking out a metal lantern with a copper or gold frame and clear or jewel-toned glass accents to make your space feel authentically Moroccan. There are tons of designs, shapes, and sizes to choose from when it comes to traditional Moroccan lanterns, so you won’t have a hard time finding the perfect one (or more) to fit in your space.  Stringing up lights around the perimeter of the room is also a great way to light up the space and make your living room feel more homey.

Add in some tile work.Consider installing some ornate tile work around your fireplace or mantle if you have one. Mosaic-style, colorful tiles are standard in Moroccan design. You can also cover your coffee table in mosaic tile work if you’re looking for a way to incorporate the design in a more subtle way. There are tons of tutorials out there that will teach you how to do it yourself, or you can spring for hiring a pro if you want. Throwing in splashes of your chosen accent color in your tile work will really make your space feel tied together.

Include woven textures and fabrics.Incorporating neutral-toned, natural materials in the form of rugs, pillows, blankets, or poufs is a great way to balance and complement a bold Moroccan color scheme. Adding a few neutral throw pillows or a nice leather pouf to your living room will add a grounded, cozy feel to your design. A traditional Moroccan pouf with hand-stitched designs and neutral leatherwork will tie your aesthetic together perfectly. Plus, larger pillows and poufs can double as seating options!

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xoxo Annie